It's your Computer.

Do whatever your heart desires with it.
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Make it flashy, make it your own.

Feel the freedom of having full control over what your new PC looks like, how it performs, and what goes into it. Flashy and rigid, sleek and elegant, old-school and boxy. Make a statement regardless of which route you choose!
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Push it to the extremes.

You know what goes into your PC, so you know how far it can go. Break free of manufacturer defaults and overclock to your heart's content knowing that the hardware we choose will always be asking for more.
Man, what a computer. This thing is a beast! I can run Metro Last Light at 4k with like 120fps. It's insane!

Rachel Decker HubSpot, inc.

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Lose that bloaty feeling.

With a fresh OEM copy of windows, you can feel the freedom of a PC with zero bloatware. No longer will that copy of Lexmark manager pester you to install the latest update for a printer that you don't own!
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Incoming transmission:

Computers are just really cool. Like, really cool. Take a look inside one, look at all that stuff! Everything (mostly everything) has a job to do, and all of it could be better. Gut it out, slot in that new 3600MHz ram, replace that old 5400rpm HDD, and for god's sake, get a waterblock on that poor processor!

Rachel Decker HubSpot, inc.

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